& the World of Murray Whelan


Stiff DVDBrush-Off DVDThe first two Murray Whelan books, Stiff and The Brush-Off, were produced as telemovies in 2004. Murray was played by David Wenham. John Clarke wrote the scripts. John and Sam Neill did the directing, one per. Network Seven broadcast Stiff in July and The Brush-Off in September 2004.

The two films are available in a boxed DVD set with a bonus DVD of extras, including interviews with cast, crew, writer, caterers, carpark attendant and the work-experience girl from accounts payable.John Clarke also kept a meticulous, day-by-day video diary  of his experience. He was selling the videos online out of skip behind his office for a couple of years but the link to his website has been down for a while. I was meaning to get around to asking him about it but I guess I’ve lost that chance.

In the finest author-as-showoff tradition, I got to make a personal appearance in both films. Read about my five seconds of fame here. My Brilliant Career

There are no immediate plans for further movies.


Louis Braille Audio has cassette and compact disc editions of StiffThe Brush-OffNice Try and The Big Ask, read by Mike Bishop as Murray Whelan:

Stiff CassetteBrush-Off CassetteNice Try CassetteThe Big Ask Cassette

[ABC Audio]( publishes a condensed version of _Something Fishy_ in cassette and CD form, read by Tiriel Mora as Murray Whelan:

Something Fishy CD