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The Happy Phrase


Have you ever found yourself out of words? Lost for how to perfectly express that need or desire? Tongue-tied in an array of social situations? Finally, the solution is here.

A compendium of hundreds of phrases to assist even the most inarticulate speaker of English.

A phrasebook that will exhaustively prepare you for the trickiest conversational crisis.

A how-to-guide for those who don’t have the time or inclination to actually learn.

Simply commit these useful, everyday phrases to memory and you will soon be conversing like a native. From Abu Dhabi to Zurich, in Xinjiang and Bechuanaland, at all corners of the globe, in places elevated and depressed, English is employed by all and sundry who move and shake. Why be bereft?

No situation uncovered.
No circumstance ignored.
No translation necessary.

With extended advice on punctuation, pronunciation, cultural traps and linguistic loopholes, as well as some fun facts and handy hints to make your conversation sparkle, The Happy Phrase is the only phrase book you’ll ever need. Here, in one facile publication, the wherewithal to chit-chat with other also English speakers lies within your grasp!