& the World of Murray Whelan


The fiddle at the Pacific Pastoral meat-packing works was a nice little earner for all concerned until Herb Gardiner reported finding a body in Number 3 chiller. An accident of course, but just the excuse a devious political operator might grab to stir up trouble with the unions.

Enter Murray Whelan, minder, fixer and general dogsbody for the Minister for Industry. Between playing off party factions and pursuing the kohl-eyed Ayisha, it’s all in a days’ work for Murray to hose down the situation at Pacific Patoral.

Then the aqua Falcon turns up. And after that, it gets personal. Because don’t you just hate it when somebody tries to kill you and you don’t know who or why?


“A fast-paced, fresh, unerringly funny book.”
– Houston Chronicle

“Read it, you’ll love it. We want more from Maloney.”
– Courier Mail

“Smash debut and finalist for all-round top book of the year: Stiff by Shane Maloney…Don’t trust me—this book has been exclusively roadtested by sceptical crime readers and every one of them loved it.”
– Melburnian